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SAT & SUN OCT. 7 & 8: Civil War Days
Hours: Sat. Noon-5pm Sun. Noon - 4pm
Chair: Tim Button
The War Between the States shaped our history and changed life for many in our area. The Village will be filled with the soldiers' encampments. Battle re-enactments each day, starting approx. 2 pm.

FRIs. & SATs. , OCT. 13, 14 & 20, 21:
Historic Ghost Walks of PA

Special Hours: 7 pm - 9 pm
Chair: Christina Button
     Special admission rates: $5.00 ages 6 and up. Under age 6 free. Take a spine-tingling nightime candlelight tour of the Village, while being thrilled by tales of ghosts and hauntings from our area and around the state of PA. Your shivers will not be from the chilly weather! Cider, hot chocolate and donuts provided at the end of the tours.

      Tours start about every 20 minutes throughout the night.
Reservations recommended for parties of 10 or more

Old Mill Village memories - 2022

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     Old Mill Village Museum, in the scenic Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, was founded over 50 years ago to preserve the area's rich heritage. It has become a center of education and history, showcasing the crafts and artifacts of the late 18th through the early 20th centuries.
     Established on donated land, buildings of historic and local interest have been moved onto the land, and others have been built to display these treasures of the past. During the Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons, the Village presents special events that bring different aspects of our history and heritage alive.

     All this is made possible by the efforts of the Associate Members of Old Mill Village, a local non-profit organization of dedicated volunteers who give of their time and talents to make Old Mill Village a living, working museum, "Where Antiquity Lives"

THANK YOU to Harford Rod and Club for their generous contribution to Old Mill Village!

THANK YOU to Endless Mountains Primitive Outdoorsmen for their generous contribution to Old Mill Village!

School & Bus tours welcome by appointment
School and Bus Tour information
For more tour info please call Sue Dyson (570) 690-1528
If you are planning a weekday visit - Please call or email before you make your trip.

Group and individual tours
     Group and individual tours of the buildings and grounds at Old Mill Village during weekdays and weekends when no events are scheduled. Two day advance notice is appreciated. To set up a tour or for more information contact Wayne Frederici at (570) 434-2303 or .

Christine the soapmaker

Mission Statement:
     Old Mill Village's purpose is to collect, preserve, protect, exhibit, educate and interpret the history and heritage of Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Endless Mountains Heritage Region.

Right: Where did the early citizens in our area get the necessities of life such as soap before supermarkets and big chain stores? Come see our local crafts people demonstrate the way some everyday items were produced right here.

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DIRECTIONS: Physical address: 5774 State Route 848, New Milford, PA. Located one mile south of New Milford, PA on Route 848. Follow signs off Interstate 81 exit 223 to New Milford, turn left on Route 11 (Main St), go about 200 feet and turn left on Route 848 for 1 mile. GPS coordinates: 41.85855, -75.723588

Old Mill Village Museum

Stone Fundraiser

10" x 10" paving stones
Inscription of your choice

Stones will be used to make new side walk in front of our main Gallery building

For price or inscription form contact
Christina Button 570-434-3353

Stone Fundraiser

From author and Old Mill Village supporter Brian Keator Sr
A Strong Brotherhood In Blood
A Strong Brotherhood in Blood     A Strong Conflict: In The Trenches Of Darkness

Would you like to be a volunteer at
Old Mill Village?

Do you have a skill you would like to demonstrate?
Or perhaps you would like to learn an old skill such as
broom making, candle making, quilts
carding & spinning, looms, caning
carriage restorations, carpentry or woodworking.

We could help you learn any of these old skills.
Please contact us at or a letter to our address at:
Old Mill Village Museum,
P. O. Box 434
New Milford , PA 18834
For more information please call: 570-465-3448

This website is funded in part by the Susquehanna County Room Tax Fund and
the Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau.

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