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The family heritage of Civil War reenactor
Dr Daniel Desantis MD

Shown here portraying Maj General James L Kemper CSA
The officer's insignia on his uniform's collar is the actual insignia from General Kemper's uniform.

       General Kemper was commanding officer of the 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 1st Army of Northern Virginia. On 3 July 1863 his brigade was part of Pickett's charge at Gettysburg, PA. He was wounded and captured during the attack. Eventually he was exchanged in a prisoner swap, but his wounds kept him out of any more major battles. Eight years after the war ended, he was elected first governor of Virginia after the Federal occupation troops left and normal elections returned to Virginia.

       Dr Desantis's real life link to the Civil War was his Great-grandfather, Confederate Brig General Stand Waite. General Waite (also spelled Wahite) was the only Native-American to be appointed to a general's rank on either side in the war. In 1861, the start of the war, he was made Colonel of the mounted Cherokee Rifles. In 1864 he was promoted to Brig General and commanded all Cherokee warriors in western campaigns in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. He was the last Confederate general to surrender at the end of the war, more then 2 months after General Lee surrendered in Virginia.

       When not taking part in historical reenactments Dr Desantis is a surgeon and is part of a team researching new options to repair damaged heart valves. His wife is also a medical professional and researcher who also takes part in reenactments. His own military experience is from serving in the US Marine Corps in the Vietnam War. He was seriously wounded and during his medical treatment developed an interest in medicine. After being discharged from the military he attended medical school and began a career as a surgeon.